Dan Sutera currently resides in New England after recently acquiring his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interactive Design and Game Development from the Savannah College of Art and Design. The purpose of this site is to showcase his work over the past few years. (If you see something you like, offer him a job!)

For the past 5 years, Dan has been working hard to master digital art and the various software packages within the discipline. His love of art and technology provide the inspiration to pursue the creation of worlds in a digital environment.

As an avid video game enthusiast, Dan spends the majority of his free time catching up on the latest industry developments as well as researching the digital tools that contribute to his field. His other interests include reading, watching movies, and expanding his eclectic music library.

Unfortunately he doesn't update this nearly as much as he should, but your enthusiasm and support is appreciated. A redesign and more content is on its way.